A window inside life at Augustana College

Augustana is more magical than Hogwarts

Hello, my name is Gary “Knifebaby” Miller.

Week one of Winter term was thoroughly dominated. I wish it was a person so I could whisper to week one that I was the clear winner and rub it’s nose in it. Anyways, I hope whoever is reading this has been doing splendidly. I began Wrestling this term and found out that I can be sore in places I have forgotten about. I also did something called “school” which I believe is Latin or Greek. The administration doesn’t know that I’m secretly a time traveling robot wizard passing my way through. I like to blend in with human beings to learn “friendship”.

“Supreme Robot-Wizard Overlord/Actor Tom Selleck”

I love this school, I have grown quite fond of it. I love it more than Nelly loves grillz on his teeth. I love it more than bears love stopping forest fires and picnic baskets.

“Bears are growing sophisticated in their human disguises”

I took classes this past week that were pretty sweet. My psychology class opened up my mind to the possibilities of learning about my mind. My other classes were also real fun! I woke up the next day and put on my new shoes and combed my hair to impress my teachers! I had a religion class and a poetry class. I’m really quite fond of poetry, it’s like rap but without the hurtful words and terrible fashion. I digress.

I’m looking forward to sharing my view of this wonderful school called Augustana with everyone. I plan on blogging about anything that has to do with Augustana. It makes me smile inside.

Also on the face, that’s a good place to smile too.

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