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Applying to grad schools

In 13 days, my life will be a tad bit less stressful. In 13 days, I will have completed my first graduate school application. For some reason, graduate school applications seems way more stressful than applying to colleges ever did. Maybe it’s because I’m applying to less grad schools than I did colleges (I applied to 12 colleges and I’m only applying to 4 grad schools), which makes my acceptance rate into any of them slimmer, which makes it more stressful. Honestly, I feel like I’ve done so much during college that I shouldn’t have a problem getting into at least one but I still worry. Grad school applications are expensive and I don’t want to feel like I wasted all this money not to get into any. So cross your fingers that I get into at least one! At least all four of these are really good schools, so I can’t go wrong with any one of them. I will definitely update my blog on how my acceptance is going. And with that, I am going to leave you with this cute video of a girl on Sesame Street.

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