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Fall break recap

Well, Fall Break is officially over. Somehow breaks always seems to go by super fast. Over break I visited a friend at ISU, filled out grad school applications (I finally figured out where I want to apply!), visited the dentist and doctor, and worked on my senior inquiry. Oh the joy of being a senior.

Visiting ISU was super fun since I saw a friend I haven’t seen since summer and we went to a Halloween party. Halloween is pretty much my favorite holiday and since Halloween falls during finals week, I don’t really have time to celebrate it as much as I would like. So it was nice to actually get a chance to celebrate. Over break was also election day. I was an election judge (yay money!) and it went by a lot faster than when I was an election judge my senior year of high school. And of course the election turned out the way I wanted it to, so I was very happy.

Some blog post topics I will have coming up: senior inquiry papers (aka my life), service trip to DC over spring break, potential Rome trip, and what it is like applying to grad schools.

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