A window inside life at Augustana College


When I first started at Augie, I really wasn’t sure how I would feel about having to take finals three times per year, but now that I have gone through my first round of them, I am confident in my assumption that it will be easy!

In high school, you only have to take finals twice, but you’re cramming roughly 18 weeks worth of information into each round of finals. At Augie, you’re only focusing on 10 weeks worth of info.

What I did was set out which days I had finals for which class and studied in order. I was a good student in high school and never had to worry about studying much. I learned in my first test at Augustana that I needed to chuck that mentality out of my third-story window and learn how to actually study.

Although I was buried in flashcards and highlighter ink, my hard work paid off! I did much better on my finals than I thought I would (but I have a tendency to psych myself out) My advice: Take it in steps and don’t focus on any one class for too long. When I got bored of Spanish, I would move on to instrument classifications until I couldn’t stand it any longer and I’d take a break and read some Kierkegaard and so on and so forth.

As far as I’m concerned, ten weeks of information three times is much more manageable than 18 weeks of information twice!

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