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October 31. Halloween. That typically means candy and costumes. This year it means a political science textbook and a whole lot of notecards! But the food aspect is covered with bags of popcorn, dark chocolate, pound cake, and lots of orange juice.

With my last final tomorrow, I spent my day studying for it and then taking a small break of a good 2 hours to watch SVU and Chicago Fire, since this is the typical Thursday study break at my apartment. Now that the shows are over, it’s back to the books.

The only thing separating me from break is a political science final! Of course, after the final I get to drive 2.5 hours to Wheaton for our Cross Country meet! Then it’s home free! This final is what’s getting me. I seem to have no focus. I cant retain anything. The apartment is quiet with everyone else studying so there are no distractions, but holy cow this is just not working!

I was thinking about this earlier and talking to one of my roommates about it…. how do teachers expect me to go from an open note/book final on Monday, 2 presentations/projects on Tuesday, and no final on Wednesday to sitting and actually studying for a written final!? That’s just asking too much!

Like I said, I have no focus. This post also seems to have no organization, which I apologize for…but hey! It’s finals week! What do you expect?!

Good luck to anyone that still has a final! Have a wonderful fall break!


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