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Haunted House

Halloween is coming up fast and there have been a some great activities on campus! From to zombie run, the haunted history tour, and the RHA haunted house to name a few. What a great way to procrastinate on studying for those finals 🙂

I was lucky enough to help work in the RHA haunted house and it was a blast. I got to be a zombie and was the final leg of the haunted house that chased people out. There were some impressive acts and some even more impressive screaming. (I mostly just crawled or limped around). Most of the people who came through the haunted house were scared and some were even running by the time they got to the end.

The Haunted House was held in the basement of Swanson. Despite the difficulty of figuring out where that is and getting in to set up the location was perfect. The walls and floor are cement and even before they set up it seemed oddly creepy.

The cost was $1 per person or a canned good and the proceeds went to a local food pantry. For those who went thanks for coming! And for those who missed it don’t worry, I hear this is an annual event =]

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