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Being on TV with President Obama

When I heard President Obama was going to be in Davenport again, I was hesitant to go. Last time I went to see Obama speak, I was in the second row and got to shake the President and First Lady’s hands. I thought nothing could beat that… I was wrong.

My roommate and I decided to go and got tickets online. The morning started off kind of horribly, not going to lie. My roommate’s alarm didn’t go off so we we left late. Then we had to walk all the way around a very long block to get to the entrance. Then we had to cut across the wet and muddy grass for while, in order to finally take our place in line. We were a good fifty to a hundred or so people back in line.

But then this guy in a suit comes over to us, asking if we wouldn’t mind standing for a while. Well, considering last time I saw the President I had to stand for a good three or so hours, I told him we wouldn’t mind standing. Then he asked if we wanted to stand behind the President while he spoke. Of course!

We couldn’t have been placed in a better spot on the stage behind the President. I was literally to the right of the President, which meant I was on CNN, MSNBC, and almost all of the other major news networks. It was an incredible experience hearing the President speak again! He is such a good speaker. And although we weren’t allowed to take pictures during his speech, I got this good one when he turned around! You are super self conscious when you know that your every move is being filmed. Make sure to click here to listen to his speech and see me. Around 1:30 or so, you can hear me shout “Yeah Illinois!” Oops. 

I don’t understand how I got so lucky. Twice I’ve been super close to the President when he is speaking. My once in a lifetime opportunity has come twice now. Not going to lie, it’s super awesome seeing a picture of myself online, standing behind the President. A girl could get used to this. 


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  1. What an awesome experience! I’m definitely jealous!

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