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Shaking Hands with President Obama

President Obama giving his speech in Davenport, IA

President Obama talking with the crowd after the speech

Waking up before 8am is a rarity on a college campus. However, today, after one hour of sleep, I woke up at 5am and went with a small group of friends to see President Obama speak at a campaign rally in Davenport, IA. We were within the first 50 people there, so after going through security we were able to get as close as we could. We had been standing for approximately 4 hours. The speech started around 10am, and it was the most inspiring 20 minutes that I have experienced in a while. President Obama spoke with sincerity, clarity, and passion. Here is the video of President Obama’s speech that he gave today: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PsxlLpoUGE After the speech, the President went around the perimeter of the half circle and socialized with his supporters. I was one of the people that got close enough to shake his hand.

Today not only did I get to shake hands with the President, but there were also a couple of kids beside us that got to as well. The excitement in their faces was inspiring to me, and it reminded me of how all of my life, especially growing up in a small town that was the hometown of Past President Ronald Reagan, I have always had a complex relationship with patriotism. I would always hear stories about the time when Ronald Reagan came to visit Dixon High School, and how it was such a neat experience for the people of Dixon. I always wanted to have the opportunity to see a President–hell I wanted to be the President.
I know that President Obama has probably shook hands with many Americans throughout this campaign trail, but it meant something much more than just a handshake to me. It’s hard to describe exactly. All I know is that it was an opportunity that lots of others would like to have. It was an opportunity for which I am extremely thankful.
Today was a truly humbling experience that I will never forget, and I will always appreciate.

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