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The End is Near

Hey everyone! 

Oh what a way to end out the term! Well let me start out with, we survived registration week! Yay!! That is an accomplishment there in itself. My friend Caitlin decided to stay up really late Tuesday night and then she got up at 4:45 the next morning hoping for her LSFY class to open up… Well apparently it opened up like 15 minutes after she decided to go back to bed. What a day! I got into my Physics Acoustics class, Intro to psychology, and then also LSFY: Satyrs to Spamalot. I didn’t get my LSFY at first but it opened up and I got into it! Yay! 

I also hosted an overnight, and we had a blast! I had so much fun with her. We walked to whitey’s in the pouring rain with a group of about 20 girls. Then we came back to Andreen to make mac and cheese and watch Hocus Pocus. What a fun time! i can’t wait to host my next overnight! The only thing I would change if I could would be to stop the rain. And maybe get an air matress or something for her to sleep on. 

Well I am at Hall-O-Dreen right now, so this is only going to  be a short post! I’ll let you all know how Hall-O-Dreen goes! 

Thanks for reading


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