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Mayday Parade/The Maine Concert

Instead of studying for finals and finishing the two papers I have to write, I went to Chicago with a friend to see Mayday Parade and The Maine in concert. Mayday Parade is my favorite band – ever. Period. End of story (At least since my Jonas Brothers phase). I was so glad I found a friend who I went to Warped Tour with who decided she liked Mayday Parade. The concert was so good and well worth the trip home. I actually was able to attend a friend’s Halloween Party at home, so that was an added bonus.

So the concert. We got there like a half hour or so before the doors were supposed to open and there was a line practically all the way around the block. So I was really worried since the concert was sold out that we wouldn’t be able to see. Since I am short, I have that fear at concerts. Who wants to attend a concert and not be able to actually see the band? Not me. 

But luckily we were able to get standing spots on the third floor, which had a great view of the stage. Honestly, I think every single spot in the Metro (where the concert was) had a fantastic view. We were off to the side but man, it was incredible. There is really nothing like seeing your favorite band live. The first time I saw Mayday Parade was at Warped Tour this summer. They played like four or five songs. While they didn’t play all my favorite songs at this concert, they got most of them. Here is a clip of the song Jersey, that I named my betta after. Overall, it was an incredible weekend. Only one more weekend to go before finals!

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