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1.5 Weeks to Go!

So, it’s week 9 and I haven’t been home since the start of term. I live three-and-a-half hours’ drive away in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, so going home just for a weekend isn’t really an option. I’d prefer not to have to spend eight hours in a bus and then another two in a car for the round trip. And even though I’m now a big, grown-up sophomore, I still miss my parents and home. But, now that I only have a week and a half left till break, I find myself thinking about some of the things I miss about home. Some of the more unusual things, that is, because everyone misses home cooking and pets and parents.

1) The freedom of no alarms

Oh to not wake up to that same ringtone on my phone every single day! In college, I have a schedule every day. During the week, I obviously need an alarm to wake up for classes, but I usually set my alarm for around 10:30 on weekends, just so I don’t waste an entire day sleeping. But now, I find myself missing the feeling of just waking up on my own, without being  jerked out of sleep by that ringtone. I even miss the beeps of my alarm at home–anything for a little variety!

2) The ability to be as noisy as I want in the mornings

Here are my earliest class times this term: Monday 8:30, Tuesday 10:00, Wednesday 8:30, Thursday 7:30, Friday 8:30. Which means that I wake up before my roommate every single day of the week. Now, I like my roommate and I don’t want to annoy her by waking her up way too early every day, so I always try to be really quiet. But sometimes, I have the uncontrollable urge to just slam my door instead of easing it shut, to yank open a drawer with all its clatters and clangs, to rejoice instead of wince at my creaky closet door. I’m not the noisiest person, but this enforced quietness is getting to me a little. And guess what? Next term is going to be the same because I have an 8:30 class every single day. Oh joy!

3) The variety of a house

When I’m in my dorm room, I have two seating options–my bed or my desk chair. Which means I have two views–the window (which does have a nice view, I’ll admit. It looks out on a secluded little patch of grass between two of Erickson’s wings) or the back of my desk. And after nine weeks of staring at one or the other (though I’m usually staring at a textbook or my computer screen), it gets a little boring. At home, I have different views, different rooms to look at. I can look at the coffeemaker in the kitchen, or the painting on the wall of the living room or the bookshelves in the upstairs den. There’s some variety and I’m really looking forward to that.

A week and a half to go! Not that I’ve been miserable this entire term. I’m liking my jobs, my classes, my professors. The Quidditch team has expanded. This term has actually been really good, but I’m ready for a break!

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