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Homecoming Week

Oh dear what a week last week was! OSA had to have been PRETTY busy! I give props to all the people running the different homecoming events. They sure do know how to throw a good time! I was so glad I got to go to the Kick Off, Talent show and the Sing/Coronation last week. The Roundels brought the house down! Rope Pull, Yell, and Sing? You go guys! I felt like I was transported back to my childhood during the sing when the 90’s songs came on, my roommate, Holly, and I went back to Andreen and listened to some more 90’s music after! I’m curious, what was everyone else’s favorite part of homecoming week? 

I’m super excited about the Regatta this Saturday, since EΣA will be participating in it! You’ll find me staying dry and cheering on my sisters as they float in the Slough! (: Be sure to go check that out everyone! (: I’m sure the tours going on that day will wonder what in the world is going on! haha.

I’ll be hosting an overnight on Friday for the first time! I can’t wait to meet the perspective student and show them what it is like here at Augie! Good things there are some activities that night we can choose from like Augie’s Top Voice, and the OSA movie “The Dark Knight Rises” PJ party in PepsiCo! I’m so glad that Holly, Jennifer, and I redid our room on Sunday. There is so much more open space, for our overnight guest. I hope that everything goes alright this weekend!

Our Room almost done!

Thanks for reading (:


4 Responses to “Homecoming Week”

  1. You sound so happy! I’m delighted that you really seem to have found your home away from home.

  2. Thanks Grandma! I have found my “home away from home”!

  3. Your room is so clean! i hope the overnight went well! I would have to say that the Sing was the best part of Homecoming Week! So much fun!

  4. Thanks Jenna! The overnight did go well! I loved the sing as well!

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