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Homecoming at Augustana

Homecoming week was always my favorite time of the school year while in High School. I never expected it to be equally as fun in college. Even though they are very distinct, many of the same traditions are kept. Some of these include dressing up to certain themes, having a “pep rally,” and attending the football game.
Augie, however, has two big events during Homecoming week that I had never heard about before coming here, yell and sing.
Yell takes place Thursday night at PepsiCo gym preceding the tug-a-war competitions. Yell can be described as a stomp competition between Greek groups. Each group choreographs a routine which they work on for weeks. Chi Alpha Pi, which I am a part of, practiced for 7 weeks! The routines are then judged on group unity, timing, and originality. Chi Alpha Pi’s performance was amazing, but unfortunately we did not place. (A link to the video is posted below.)

The sing competition takes place in Centennial Hall after coronation. This is a very exciting event because the auditorium is almost completely filled. The way sing works is that each Greek group that wishes to participate makes up a routine in which they sing and dance to popular songs but change the lyrics so that they fit an Augie theme. Some of this year’s themes included “90’s, Aladdin, Michael Jackson, and Vegas.” I was a part of the “Vegas” performance. Our two wonderful Sing Chairs did an amazing job at planning and choreographing our routine, we ended up winning first place in the all-female category! (A link to the video is posted below.)

I would have to say that this was the best Homecoming Week yet and I hope next year’s is even better!

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