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Oh My Registration.

Okay so I know it’s been a while and I’m terribly sorry for not being able to post more, but this time I have a couple legitimate reasons. First of all being that two weekends ago I went home to get some more stuff and see my family, and then last weekend I had to miss two classes and drive 7 hours down to my dad’s for my brothers wedding 🙂 (which was so much fun I should add). Not to mention it was wonderful to be able to spend more time with my family and my new sister-in-law. Now that you guys know I’m not copping out on you, I will tell you about the most important complication on my mind right now.

Last time I suggested that I’d give you guys the honor of hearing my complaints about the homework load but I find that my homework load is manageable and not worth complaining about. But on the other hand, I do find registering one of the most complicated and stressful aspects of college so far. I not only have to choose the classes that are supposed to help me in getting my degree, but I also have to some how get into those classes and make sure they all fit in a certain time frame without overlapping. This is a terrible, terrible process especially since many other first year students are all trying to get into the same classes as I am.

One other quick complaint…My registration date is like the very last day and I’m going to be super upset if I don’t get into some of the classes I really want. That is all.

Overall though, I’d have to say the majority of the classes I’m trying to get into are the classes  with the teachers I’ve preciously had. I really like the teachers I had this semester and that’s what I’ll be most upset about.

On a more positive note, the good thing about registration is the fact that I get to explore the many different options of college courses and choose the one that I want to take instead of someone telling me which one I HAVE to take. 🙂 Freedom of choice is a great thing.

I promise I will start blogging more, but I just had a lot going on the last couple of weeks.

One quick piece of advice: as easy as it seems to skip a couple classes, I personally think it’s totally not worth it…don’t skip class. It sucks!

I guess it’s bye for now!


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  1. Sorry, registration never gets better! Until you’re a junior/senior, that is. I’m a sophomore and I thought registration would be better this year, and it is a little bit, but that one class I’ve been trying to get into for the last three terms? Didn’t get in again…

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