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Crispy Leaves

If you are like me, you leave an extra few minutes early for class, just to enjoy the leaves changing and also to stomp on those crunchy leaves. Yes, I’m one of those people who go out of their way just to step on that crispy looking leaf. The slough path, although long and chilly at times, has thousands of leaves scattered all across the path! The trees are vibrant and full. Their leaves are red, orange, and yellow. The beauty of the campus is unreal and can only really be witnessed in order to understand it fully. If you haven’t been to campus, visit during the fall! It is my favorite time of year at Augie and I look forward to those crunchy leaves all year! Take a minute, look up from your phone, wait another 5 minutes before you update your status, and postpone that tweet and look up at the red and orange leaves hanging on the trees. Look at the leaves dancing through the air as the wind blows, and watch them land on the water and the path.


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