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A Wonderful Surprise

You know those days that you wake up, see the sun shining but then look at the weather and realize it is 30 degrees outside? Those days are teasing. It’s like the weather wants you to go outside and enjoy the fall air, but its 30 degrees so you have to bundle yourself in layers and layers. As you walk to class, you feel that cold air through your sweatshirt, but you cant help look at the trees along the slough path. You have to take it all in, since fall at Augie is like nothing  you’ve ever seen. As you approach Evald, you are a little chilly since you under committed on the layers, however; as you walk into the building, you begin to sweat due to the heat that has been turned on. You rush to class just to shed some layers. Do you know the feeling of falling asleep in class because it is warm in the classroom? That was me this morning. We were learning about SmartBoard software and were creating our own interactive lessons, but holy cow it was a struggle to stay awake. After class, my usual routine is to go check my mail, but today, my friend Emily came along as well. We both exclaimed “I have a package slip!!!!” as we opened our mailboxes. As we exchanged the yellow 4×4 inch paper for the cardboard box, and in her case, a white bubble wrapped envelope, we became more awake and excited. I look at the return label and see that the box is from my grandparents! I look at Emily and say, “this has to be good! It’s from my grandparents!” I quickly open the tape and realize there is a wonderful, kind of spicy, smell coming from the box. I continue to open the box and start removing packing peanuts to reveal a bag of my favorite M&M’s  (almond!) and 2 bags of APPLE CIDER DONUTS!!!!! My favorite!!!! I exclaim, “do you smell that!?”. Standing right there by the bookstore, Emily and I indulge into an apple cider donut! The little things in life, like a box of apple cider donuts, can make your day 100 times better! Thanks Mama and Papa! The donuts are delicious! 🙂

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