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Empathy for lefties in a righty-dominated world

With the remodeling of the library going on, there’s only one thing I don’t have to complain about: the arm chairs with swiveling tablets and cup holders. They’re similar to this one, but not exactly (picture soon to be posted).

It wasn’t until earlier today, as I settled down with my history text book and steaming cup of earl grey tea, that I noticed I was disadvantaged. Up until today, I was able to sit down at any arm chair of my choice and be perfectly fine, but not today. Out of ALL the tablet arm chairs in the library, I chose 1 of the only 2 left handed tablet chairs that I’ve discovered so far on the first floor.

See, being right handed, I often don’t have to worry about left handed anything. My scissors work just fine. Driving stick shift is a breeze (not really, I still can’t do it). I’m not confined to a minority of desks in a classroom. Writing with dry erase markers isn’t problematic whatsoever. Manual can openers aren’t awkward. The binding on my notebooks isn’t bothersome. Life is good.

In fact, life is SO good, that I figured putting my feet in the shoes of a lefty would be a good eye opener. I stayed in the lefty arm chair and played with the cards I was given.

Whenever I tried to lean on the tablet, it would move uncomfortably far and I’d have to re-position myself. Writing sucked, so I figured reading wouldn’t be too bad. Since I like to read actively, this didn’t prove to be much better.

I lasted an hour before leaning on my non-dominant side got to be too much and food sounded like a good idea.


2 Responses to “Empathy for lefties in a righty-dominated world”

  1. Yes! I’m so glad someone posted about this! I haven’t used one of the library’s tablet armchairs yet, and I’m pretty used to right-handed desks by now, but as a lefty, I know exactly what you’re talking about! Lefty-power 🙂

  2. Us left handed people are definitely the minority, but we assimilate to using right handed things! You learn to sit in a position where it works for you. It isn’t all that bad! (:

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