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Declaring a major: Why I have a problem with commitment

These days, it seems like kids are too eager to tie the knot, by which I mean declaring a major. I have always imagined this process to be long and complex, requiring the sacrificing of a split-hooved critter representing your freedom over the a desk of one’s new major advisor upon the arrival of the solstice while spinning in circles and playing the spoons. I’ve really been avoiding doing so for this reason.

I won’t be getting too personal with this post just because I’m a lady (bah..), but I will be making references to my issue with commitment.

In the US, the marriage rate is 6.8 for every 1,000. Divorce is 3.4 per 1,000. Half of marriages end in divorce. This is not settling.

About 80% of students change their major at least once and do so 3 times on average throughout their college career. This is also not settling.

My family, being Roman Catholic, doesn’t believe in divorce. Therefore, I’ve been plagued with this notion that should I ever tie the knot, I will have to leave it tied.

Somehow, this mentality that I have towards marriage has been applied to picking a major. So this is the conclusion I have come to: I want in a major what most androphilic women look for in a husband.

The right major has to be:

  • strong, able to hold its own in a fight. If anyone is to question my major, it should be able to make the enquirer rue the day he was born.
  • versatile and sort of like a jack of all trades. I’d like to get the most out of a liberal arts education
  • able to provide me with a good future. I don’t want to waste my degree on something impractical.
  • attractive; I would like for my resume to look good.
  • able to work well with others; I want to look into minors or -GASP- even other majors!
  • approved by my mother. She knows best.
  • able to stick with me through thick and thin. There may be days when I leave a required class feeling defeated, questioning what it is that I’m doing with my life. My perfect major will reassure me that, in the end, the tough times will have been worth it.

Like a lot of women, I’ve decided that there really aren’t a lot of both interesting and practical majors out there; they’re mostly either mind-numbingly dull or lead to nowhere.

For now, I’ve decided on declaring a major in Anthropology. It’s interesting, my mother isn’t opposed to it (for all I know), and I’m always in a better mood coming out of class than when going in.

After a year of stormy sailing have I finally found the bay? That’s for time to decide.

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