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Starting to become stressed..

It’s now week 8 and the stress is starting to pile up.  Only 3 weeks left of classes and then finals.  Is it just me or has this term really flown by?

My senior inquiry is in full swing and I’m starting to write my paper.  We have to give a presentation in front of the entire communication studies faculty so I’m already nervous about that.  I’m doing the civic engagement project which involves volunteering at an organization and then conducting a project for them winter term.  I’m working with Kids Against Hunger which packages food and sends it to Honduras, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Burkina Faso.  You can check out their website http://www.kahqc.com/ to see how you can host a packaging event!

This week is homecoming so there are a lot of activities to give you a break from studying.  Tonight is the bonfire (well, not anymore because of the rain), which includes a bunch of free food and a band will be playing.  Tomorrow is the student talent show, Thursday is rope pull/yell, Friday is coronation/sing, and Saturday is the big homecoming game and the cardboard boat races.

Well, like always, homework calls me name.  I’ll leave you will a picture of the beautiful trees on campus!  Fall is seriously the best here 🙂









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