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Fall has begun!

Hi everyone! 

Well there seems to be a trend on Facebook this last week… Wednesday was “National Mean Girls Day” so naturally everyone and their brother were posting quotes from the movie “Mean Girls”, but there was also the presidential debate which evoked more status’s pertaining to the political campaigns. Then some people were mashing the two together, I saw a few “I’m voting Regina George 2012 because she was hit by a bus” but yesterday and today there has been a new trend. 

This picture was taken on my phone from the library stairs out towards the Swanson bridge

The leaves are beginning to change color and the weather is definitely sweatshirt material. There have been quite a few pictures of the campus here, showing the beautiful landscape here at Augie. If you are a prospective student reading this, come visit! A picture just does not do this campus justice! I would just sit in the quad all day if I could and not get cold just so I could take in the beauty of it! 

I wonder what next week will bring! Have a happy end of week 7 and have a great week 8 everyone! 

Thanks for keeping up with my posts 🙂


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