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Getting used to it…

So I went home this weekend, and it was really weird. I mean, when I was home I felt at home, but I also knew that Augie was my home as well. I missed my family a ton and it was sad to say goodbye to them. I think they have gotten used to me being gone which is nice, but it was still awesome to see by dog Angelina go ballistic when she saw me. I missed her so much, and she really warmed up to me when I was there…it was almost as if I never left. She ran right to my room before I even got a chance to go in (the room is now my little brothers so that was weird as well lol). I cannot wait until three weeks from now when I go back home and see everybody  I am extremely close to my family if you have not noticed already.

School is going well. I know I need to have better time management skills however- BTW: College is all about good time management if you want to be successful- but Augie is having Michael Miller do a lunch tomorrow all about time management so this is a opportunity I am going to use.

I also am having a great time in the clubs I’m in. APO is amazing and I love it there. It is the funnest extracurricular thing I am in at the moment and one I a most dedicated to.  I am going to perform for Sing!, a performance all of the Greeks put on. I a excited and nervous, I’m not the best in front of people.

All in all this year is going amazingly well and I can’t complain. The people here are wonderful and my friends are awesome. Happy week SIX!!

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