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Oh the comfort…

You know that moment when you move into your dorm room or apartment and you see that light wood desk, that mattress sitting on a bed frame that has endless possibilities of heights, and that light wood dresser sitting lonely and completely naked? The thought that then passes through your mind is “how can I arrange these 3 pieces of furniture to make my room the best?”. This has been my thought for the past 3 years now. This year, living in a TLA I have more than just my bedroom to think about, but my bedroom is the one I am more concerned about. When I moved in on that wonderfully overcast August day, I moved empty pieces of furniture to exactly where I wanted them. I was content and happy how my room looked.

It is now the very last day of September, the beginning of week 7 or end of 6 (depending on how you want to look at it), and I just rearranged! I spent a good hour moving furniture this afternoon! I think it is funny how a rearranged room can change the whole feel of the room.

The room feels so much more spacious, and comfortable. I can sit anywhere in my room and feel like I just want to curl up and read my favorite book. Don’t fall over when I say this, but I actually was excited to do homework at my new desk location that I skipped going to the library like I had originally planned! Holy cow!!!

So, I know it is only September, almost October, but I watched the movie “The Holiday”. It is one of my favorites, but under my 3 yard long fleece tie blanket in my newly rearranged room, the movie was 100x better than normal!

A side note: today, I changed the dry erase calendar in our apartment’s kitchen to October. Halloween falls on a Wednesday. I had to include the next 3 days to complete the calendar because November 2nd starts Fall Break!!!!!! Luckily the calendar allowed me to add those November days at the end, because that is my motivation to get through the month of October!

Best of luck through the month of October! Fall break is just around the corner! If you need some extra motivation, try a rearrangement of your room! 🙂

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