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This is Real

Hey everyone! Hopefully everyone made it out of week 5 and midterms alright. The weather has been PERFECT and it really is beginning to feel a lot more like fall. (: I can not wait until all the leaves begin to start to change colors, it is the most beautiful time ever! 

With this new concept of Symposium day tomorrow, I wonder what is going to happen. It’s not as if we haven’t gotten a million and one emails about it. I will confess to not reading them after like the first two or three. It is definitely going to be 

an interesting and learning experience. At least classes are cancelled, so instead of having to get up for my 8:30 class, I can sleep in a little longer! 

I am looking forward to this weekend for a few reasons. Friday, I will be going with my sorority Epsilon Sigma Alpha to the Children’s Therapy Center (CTC) for the first time. Then Saturday, my mom, sister, and neighbor are coming to Augustana for a lacrosse tournament, which hopefully I will get to see. I will be giving tours for the visit day though, so it depends on the time of her games. I will get to spend the night with my mom which is going to be awesome. I can’t wait for her to come up! I just wish she could bring my puppy Sammie up! I miss him a lot! 🙁 Plus, there is an adorable picture of my Half brother on Facebook in a cute Mickey Mouse costume, so I hope I get to see him in it!

Well I hope everyone has a great week 6!


Isn’t he adorable?

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  1. Your dog and little half brother are so adorable!!

  2. Thank you!! 🙂

  3. Cute pictures! I hope it was a great weekend!

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