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Campus Tours!

Just this week, I went to training to become a volunteer for Admissions, and I learned how to give a tour! I know this probably sounds nerdy, but I’m really excited!! I remember how fun my first tour here was, but also how nervous I was. Personally, I know I’m a pretty talkative person (my mom will laugh at that, saying it’s an understatement), and I’m usually pretty skilled at making situations less awkward, if I try. I really hope that students on my tour will see Augustana for how great it is, just like I do! I’m excited to be answering questions and to seem so knowledgeable to incoming students, because it makes me feel excited and older, I suppose. I’m excited to share little tidbits about the great experiences I’ve had so far as well (considering they ask for my opinion)! (: I just hope I can show at least one person (but hopefully tons) how fantastic Augie is, and maybe they’ll even walk away saying, “I am sure I want to go here now!”

It will just be so cool to be a potential influence to kids who are in the position I was in last year!

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  1. Yep, the talkative part made me snicker. I think you are awesome for volunteering to help out. I’m sure you will make prospective students and their families feel special with your great smile and welcoming attitude. I can’t wait to hear all about it.

  2. It is going to be awesome giving tours! 🙂 we are gonna rock it!

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