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Meeting Zach Wahls

 Last night I had the opportunity to hear an incredible speaker. Zach Wahls is a guy my age who was thrust into the spotlight after someone posted a video of him speaking in front of the Iowa legislature about marriage equality. He’s spoken on the Ellen Degeneres Show, CNN, MSNBC, and spoke at this year’s Democratic National Convention. He’s even written a book about what it’s like having two moms (which I am so buying after I get paid this Friday).

He is honestly the best speaker this college has ever seen. He is so eloquent, funny, passionate and one of the nicest guys ever. I emailed him when I first saw his video, telling him how inspirational he was, and he actually replied personally replied to it a year later. One of the parts of his speech that hit me the most was when he was younger, he would use derogatory names people use to describe LGBT, in order to fit in with the “cool crowd.” It’s amazing hearing a guy who is now a voice for the LGBT community, admit this fact. It really shows how much a person can grow as they get older. Honestly, it was the best two hours I have spent listening to anyone. Please check out his videos below:

 Speech that made him famous

DNC Speech

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  1. Sounds like a great guy and a great speech! I wish I would have gone to see him!

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