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The Curse of Internet TV

Don’t laugh, but I’ve never really watched tv shows on the internet before this year. Whenever I had time to kill, I went on Facebook or read (from a real book, for fun; yes I actually do that) or drew or something. But suddenly, this year I’ve been finding myself on Youtube and the Food Network website when I don’t have anything to do. My findings? Internet tv is awesome (I don’t have to wait two-and-a-half months before I can watch the Food Network again!) and terrible (procrastination: the bane of the college student).

Yesterday, I had a couple of hours to kill before bed. Of course, nobody was at the desk, so I couldn’t check out the movie I wanted to watch. I went on foodnetwork.com and attempted to watch an episode of The Great Food Truck Race (such a good show! Now on my bucket list: eat from a food truck). I’ve never even seen a food truck before because I’m pretty sure there’s an ordinance against them in Chicago or something like that. And I enjoy Food Network’s competition shows… Iron Chef America, Chopped, you name it. But of course, dear old Augie internet wouldn’t let it load.

Interesting fact about Augie’s internet: it never lets me load anything from an official site. I couldn’t watch The Great Food Truck Race on foodnetwork.com, but when I decided to watch Michelle Obama’s speech from the DNC (at least I’m being politically active, I thought) on Youtube, that was perfectly fine. Youtube isn’t exactly illegal, but there’s stuff that shouldn’t really be there which loads perfectly.

Anyway, I managed to waste two hours watching stuff (and I really mean stuff since I was just clicking around), and then had the realization that I could actually have been doing something much more productive. Working on my resume, for example. You know, that thing that’s going to help me with my life. Or writing a blog post (but maybe those two hours weren’t really wasted because I came up with a topic for this week’s post!). Or reading or writing. Or working on a drawing of my baby cousin for my aunt and uncle (but then they did say I could take as much time as I wanted because I would be “busy” at college).

And that is why I decided to move this week’s post forward. I had an hour to kill today, so I managed to write my journal entry for my Tutoring class and write this post. Pretty productive, huh? Aren’t you proud of me?


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  1. Sounds productive, I can totally relate to this! Thanks for the funny post!

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