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Walk for Water & Greek Fest

This past Saturday, I went to two very fun events. First I participated in Walk for Water. In this walk, we carried buckets of slough water around campus to symbolize the journey that those make all over the world to get clean water. All the funds raised help support a water filtration system in Kenya. Let me tell you, those buckets of water were pretty heavy. I’m still sore and it’s three days after the walk occurred. This walk definitely made me thankful that I’m living somewhere where I can get water right out of the tap.

Later that day I went to a Greek festival to celebrate my roommate’s birthday. The food there was so good! The three years I’ve been here, I’ve never actually had the chance to go, so I am glad I was finally able to see what this event was all about. Not only did they have fabulous Greek food, but they also had Greek dancing. It was pretty cool watching them dance since I’ve never seen Greek dancing before, except for in the movies. Then we got to join in the dancing. Overall, it was a pretty fabulous day!

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