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Times when I realize I’m a college student

There are many times since starting school that I have looked at myself and thought “well, I did not expect to expect this from myself..”, like when– 
  • I’m trudging across campus with my back pack and hands full of grocery bags.
  • My groceries consist of Coke, fruit snacks, and creamy chicken Ramen noodles.
  • I’m wearing my hardly-ever-necessary-baby-prescription glasses.
  • A normal meal includes something with caffeine.
  • I have a choice between coffee and food and coffee always wins.
  • After an all-nighter in the Brew spent perfecting a paper for the following day, the sun begins to rise and serenity envelops me. I feel at peace with the universe.
  • I go to a store a mile or so off campus and someone, once they know I’m from Augustana, asks who these “OP”s are.
  • My friends are a brisk walk away, be it across campus or down the hall.
  • It’s past 7:30 and I actually have to think about my food options.
  • The Greek alphabet is not unfamiliar to me.
  • There’s a poster somewhere on campus that I like and I wonder if it would look nice on the wall of my dorm room.
  • I go back home and I actually have to be quiet at night because my family is sleeping.
  • The clock reads 1:30am and I still have work to do.
  • I check my email before Facebook.
  • The showers I take at home don’t require me to wear shoes.
  • I think of something that I really enjoy and wonder if I could make a club out of it.
  • Sleep is a reward.

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  1. Love this list. Great blog.

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