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One major “done”

So, I officially have one major “done.” Done is in quotes because I still have to take 4 more credit hours spring term. But I have completed my Senior Inquiry (S.I.) project for my Multimedia Journalism & Mass Communication (MJMC) major.

Because I have three majors, I decided to take the MJMC internship S.I. track this past summer. I interned at WGN Radio (you can read about it here). For this S.I., I had to write two papers prior to my internship – one about the organization and one about my strengths/weaknesses based upon the Meyers Briggs test. Throughout my internship, I had to keep a journal about my experiences an an hour log.

Last week, we had our final reflection paper due and our presentation. Our reflection was essentially what we learned there, how it related to our school courses, and how we can apply the internship to our future in under 12 pages. Essentially in our presentation, we had to say what we wrote in our paper. There were five of us total who were a part of the S.I. summer internship experience. It was so cool hearing about everyone’s internship experiences in their presentations. I’m so happy to be finally done with some of my S.I.’s. Only two more to go!

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