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I’m back

Hi guys! sorry about not posting in almost 2 weeks! its been extremely crazy. first off quidditch is going amazing, even though my left arm is covered in bruises…anyhoo i just wanted to talk a bit about the upcoming election for the presidency of the United States. So everyones hearing about the ObamavsRomney slandering they’ve been doing. Honestly, i feel like Romney is only in it for himself. He doesn’t have the average american on his mind. He only has the rich in mind. (just an opinion) I don’t think he remembers that America was built by the sweat and blood of the poor. Great Britain never helped build colonies. It was the colonists that were in search of a better life that has made america into what it is. THE WORKING CLASS! Obama, even though his methods were different, did help out the working class extraordinarily. He is trying to make basic things of survival like medicine and food available to those who need it. I would greatly enjoy your insight on this matter.

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