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Service, service, service!!

The past couple of weeks, I have had the wonderful opportunity to do some volunteer work around the Quad City area.
Last week, I went to the Children’s Therapy Center with the girls from ESA (Epsilon Sigma Alpha – the service sorority that I am joining.) At the CTC, we went around the center and we disinfected all of the toys that the kids play with. It was amazing to me that something so simple could make such a big difference. I helped clean the farm room, the toys from the gym and the balls from the ball pit.
This morning, I attended a meeting for the Viking Visits program. This program works with the high schools of current freshmen and multi-cultural students to bring the Augie students back to their schools to help recruit students for the next year.
This afternoon, I went to St. John’s Lutheran Church and helped with WOW, which is an after school tutoring program for childrean around the area. This experience was completely eye-opening. I helped kids with homework, watched them color and made play-dough. It was great.
I am amazed and thrilled at the amount of service opportunities that I have here at Augustana. As someone who was involved in volunteer work in high school, it is wonderful to have the opportunity to be involved in service once again.
I can’t wait to see what else I can do this year!

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