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The Crazy Life of a College Student!!(If

I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting as often as I should. I literally have been CRAZY busy! For one thing I’m pledging  APO the national service fraternity on campus. I am SO excited and I know it is gonna open up ore doors for me. I am meeting a lot more upperclassmen that are really awesome. I am also involved in Emerge, Best Buddies, Camp Kesem, and Rotaract (plus Augieblogs and work at the College Center). I know, I know, it is a A LOT of things to be involved in. But I am making it work so far. I know which ones I am super committed to and which ones I am still curious about. I am really excited about Camp Kesem though! It is a week long summer camp for kids who’s parents (or someone close to them) have or have had cancer in the past. The camp is free of charge so we are trying to raise $45,000 this year for 60 kids to attend (btw if you do want to donate to Camp Kesem just email me at victoriagillon12@augustana.edu any thing helps!).

I am also involved in the Honors program here at Augie. I’m doing the Foundations course (there is also a Logos course) and my professor is Dr. Crowe.  He is a very intelligent professor who brings up some very big (and I mean VERY BIG) questions in the class. It has made me think about things that I used to not want to think about, I a very happy I picked to do the honors program. I feel like I am always able to say what’s on my mind during a class discussion and I feel like I am learning things that will stay with me for the rest of my life (btw if you are a prospective student looking into the Honors Program, DO IT!).

Overall life has been pretty awesome here at Augie. I can’t wait for what things are going to come from going here. Hopefully I will be able to blog more and more when I am not busy.

Until next time guys!!

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  1. 🙂 I was in Foundations last year and you’ll be thinking about VERY BIG questions throughout the year. Dr. Crowe’s class certainly was a bit of a shock at the beginning, but I got used to the intense debates pretty quickly. I’m so glad you like the program because I loved it!

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