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Laundry Time?

Time is of the essence in college. But sometimes I wish that there were more than 24 hours in a day so I can get all I want to accomplish done. But it is not a perfect world and I need to manage my time better.

These past five weeks have been absolutely crazy. It seems as though I am never in my room and always on the go; whether I am in meetings, at exec board meetings, in band, practicing, in the library, volunteering at a local elementary school,  there just isn’t enough time in the day.

It is really funny to see what becomes a priority in life and what gets put on the back burner when your life is as hectic as mine. Don’t judge, but I honestly have not done all of my laundry since about week two. I have done the necessities but have not washed all my clothes. Laundry takes a really long time to do and it’s not easy to get much done while you are waiting for you laundry because as soon as  you sit down, you need to put your wash into the dryer. But the day has come, and I just need to break down and do ALL of my laundry.

There will come a day when I have time to do these things with regulation, not letting them get out of hand, but right now, they just seem unimportant when my education and future are on the line.

To finish this blog I will leave you with this quote that I really like by Sally Forth, “Behind every successful woman…is a basket of dirty laundry.”

Wise words Sally, wise words.

Signing off.


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