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Mi Familia

Last weekend, as we know, was Family Weekend. Being a freshman, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. All I knew is I was EXTREMELY excited to see my family again, since I haven’t seen them since move-in day.

Personally, I enjoyed family weekend a lot! My family and I attended the home football game (which we won, great job guys!) and the riverboat lunch. Both were great events!

Either way, no matter what we would have decided to do, I was just glad I got to see my family. They’re a huge part of my life, (which I didn’t realize how much so until I moved here) so it’s hard to be away from them for a while at a time. I hope to see them again soon, if I catch a ride home or something.

You never know how much you treasure some things until you don’t have them all the time anymore. Family is one of those things for me. (:

That, and my lovely cat. (: I miss him too. (:

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