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Let the Good Times Roll

Hey everyone!

Sorry I didn’t get to blog in a while, it was kind of hectic! I started pledging for ESA the service sorority on campus, and absolutely LOVE it! I found out my Big is Bethany and she is AMAZING. (: We’ve done a bunch of cool things with the group during pledging process. Some service projects, decorated cups, and had a cook out at Markaye’s house! They are such a great group of girls, there used to be 26 actives but with my pledge class of 46 there are going to be a lot of friendly faces around campus! I can not wait until activation on Sunday! 

On another note, I was casted in a play called “The League of Semi-Superheroes” which I am excited for! Everyone should go see it! It is a great cast, and I think it will turn out great. (: Just like family weekend! Even if I fought with my sister a little, or maybe a lot, I was still really happy to see my mom and siblings! It was awesome to see my family in Augie gear at the football game! My brother even told me when Augie plays against Elmhurst College (My hometown) that he was going to sit on the Augie side and boo his friends from the other side. (: Go Augie!!! Hope family weekend went good for all of you too! (: It was really awesome meeting a lot of people’s families, and going out to eat with Holly’s family. Plus there wasn’t cafeteria food involved! 😉 

Until next time! Adios amigos! 


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  1. Sounds like you have really found your home at Augie! Now, what about classes?

  2. Thanks Grandma! My classes have been going great! It is midterm week already, so I have a written midterm in acting, and a dance midterm for social dance. It is going to be a crazy week! Other than that, classes have been great though. (:

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