A window inside life at Augustana College

Labor Day/ Week 3

Augustana is finally becoming my second home, and it could not have happened sooner.


Last Friday, I went home to DeKalb for the long weekend, and I was so glad I decided to go (so was my dad). When we got home, the whole family went out to our favorite local restaurant, The Junction, and it was so great to eat real food instead of cooked-in-bulk dorm food.  And, of course, because I am already a crazy cat lady, it was great to see my baby!  I got to sit on the couch and have him curled up next to me asleep.  He stayed like this for about twenty minutes, then decided he would go outside; twenty minutes doesn’t seem like a long time, but with a young cat who is outside most of the time, twenty minutes is a long time.

 My other baby is my neighbor’s seven year old granddaughter, and I was able to see her for a little bit that Saturday.  I was SO excited to give her the Augie shirt I bought her, but she didn’t care because all she wanted was to have her nails painted, and she began to whine about it in our living room.  So much for that gift. . . I always worry about her because she had a large malignant tumor removed from her abdomen two years ago, and she’s starting to walk on her toes and have trouble eating like she did before the tumor was discovered; I just hope it isn’t the pieces of the metastasized tumors still in her body growing or spreading even more.  Anyway, that night I went out with one of my friends from high school who is now a senior, and it was so great to see her again!  There’s nothing like some Applebee’s on a Saturday night!  But what was the best meal I ate that weekend?  My mom’s amazing grilled cheese!  She makes the best sandwiches ever.  Sunday and Monday were laundry and homework days, and though I was sad to leave DeKalb to come back to Rock Island, it was also nice to be back on campus with my friends.

Week three was a good week:  I took my first quiz of my college career and did very well, donated blood, (bad idea!  I spent almost an hour on the bed trying to get up without feeling sick!)  played bingo, (my friend ALMOST won $500!!) and watched some movies/ate Papa John’s with three of my good friends.  I found out that my mom bought our tickets to see Les Mierables  in Chicago during Thanksgiving weekend and got us really good seats!  I can’t wait for Thanksgiving now!  And I just realized that this weekend is family weekend, and just knowing that is going to make week 4 so much better.




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