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Week 2

My how time flies, it seems like just yesterday we were starting our college journey but here we are already at the end of week 2.  What a crazy week its been finally settling into the groove of things and note having to check my planner every time I need to know what class I have next, when it starts and where its located.  But now that I know when and where all my classes are I have to remember what clubs I have and when and where they meet.  On top of that I also have 3 choirs.  So needless to say I have a very busy schedule.  But week 2 is over and we’ve got this wonderful 3 day vacation most of which I’ve spent working on homework (sadly) although I did go out Friday night which was a blast.  So even if you’re very studious make sure you take time to hang out with friends or at least take a break from homework other wise everything gets way to over whelming.  So don’t make it all about the work have some fun too! Well that’s it for this post talk at you next time. (Maybe literally, I’m hoping to start vloging.)

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  1. Wow! Our busy Grand-daughter

  2. You are right about taking a break from homework .Yesterday, even the priest said for everyone to relax, enjoy the last days of summer. Love, Grandma O.

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