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Camp Kesem Again? ….. Yes Please!!!

Camp Kesem Augustana is a group of Augustana students that fundraise and then become counselors at a week long overnight camp that children whose parents have, have had, or have passed away from cancer come for free!

The week of camp was one of the best weeks of my summer. We, as college students, could be kids and dress up crazy for the theme days, cover each other in chocolate pudding, maple syrup, and other condiments, and no one would think of us any less. Heading into the week of camp, we really made sure that we were ready and prepared from all of our training to help kids through anything that they wanted to talk to us about. We were hoping to be someone they could look up to, but as the week went on, we realized that the kids were who we looked up to! They showed us how strong they are, how supportive of each other they are, and how mature they really are. The kids at Camp Kesem changed my life.

After camp, we realized there is no way that we can wait an entire year to see these kids again! We had to have a reunion! Our reunion took place at the River Bandits Game. Some of the kids and their families came to see their counselors again, and to hang out with their friends from camp while enjoying the baseball game. The game was a lot of fun for the counselors as well. We were able to be our goofy selves again and have a lot of silly times.

During the game, some of the counselors went up and down each aisle and sold 50/50 raffle tickets and tennis balls for a tennis ball toss. We promoted Camp Kesem and it was a lot of fun to watch people try to out buy another person. Krispen and I (Guppy) were selling the tennis balls to a man who bought 1. The man next to him said to give him 5, and right after, a man behind him said to give him 12 tennis balls! 

While some counselors were walking around selling the tickets and tennis balls, some were at a table set up and collecting donations. The table cloth was the banner from camp that all counselors and campers put their handprint on and wrote their camp name underneath.

The reunion was a success. We raised about $345, and had a lot of fun! We miss all of our campers, and cannot wait for next summer for Camp Kesem Augustana 2013!!


If you are interested in Camp Kesem Augustana, stop by the meetings on Tuesdays, and check your emails!

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  1. Camp Kesem is so awesome. I get tears in my eyes every time I read about it. Wish they had camp kesem for adults 🙂

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