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Know You’re Not Alone

Week 2 is almost done! Just one more class to go. (: I’ve accomplished a lot this week. I finished my first LSFY paper. HALLELUJAH! That was not a pleasant experience; so much work went into the paper. I hope it turns out well… So different from any paper I wrote in high school, and trust me, I wrote a lot of papers in high school. 

I am heading home tomorrow afternoon, it feels like it has been forever! I am most definitely looking forward to the air conditioning and sleeping in my own bed, and food from home! 

You score awesome points if you know the song in the title of my blog (: 

Tips for future or potentially future students:

1. You will survive in the cafeteria; there is something for almost everyone. Plus you can stock up on snacks in your room. 

2. Worried about freshman 15? I’m not. There are so many stairs that I’m pretty sure I’ve lost weight since coming here… 

3. BRING FANS if you’re not in Swanson or Erickson. It wasn’t too bad the first couple of days, but we definitely needed them. (Plus I left mine at home… Walgreens run!)

4. There are plenty of off campus food places, but I wouldn’t suggest going out too often. Take advantage of the College Center or Westie since you have to have the full meal plan anyways. 

5. When a teacher tells you to read an article for class, read it! Don’t just skim it. 

6. Leave your door open when in the room. You’ll get visitors saying hi, which is a good thing (: 

7. Don’t over or under involve yourself. Don’t forget after orientation you do also have your classes. 

8. Bring plenty of storage items you never can have enough. 

9. Do not be afraid of asking questions, I know this seems like a DUH point, but it can be intimidating for some. I know it was for me, but if you have that dialogue with a teacher then they know that you are engaging in the discussion and it makes a difference. 

10. Be yourself! Don’t act like someone you aren’t. This is your new slate, your new beginnings. So take advantage of it! (: 


I will probably have more tips for you as the year goes along seeing as I am only 2 weeks in. This is a learning experience for my readers and me too! 

If you are a current student or have been a student before please leave your advice below in a comment! It would be much appreciated! (: 

You all are awesome! 


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  1. First of all, love the “Home” reference! I love reading your blogs! These tips are great, thanks!

  2. Thank you for reading! (: “Home” just seemed to be so fitting.

  3. great tips – thanks for writing!

  4. Thanks Meghan!

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