A window inside life at Augustana College

Only TWO weeks!!!

It has been two weeks since I have moved in. If I could explain the way I’m feeling at this moment it would be this: dkfmekfnwekjfhejdndkjnwej!!!!! I just made that word up. Truthfully there is probably no word anywhere that can explain the way I’m feeling. It is weird when I think about just two weeks ago I did’nt know the people I know right now. And there are so  many people who I still haven’t met yet!!! I have been SO INCREDIBLY BUSY!!! I have three classes that I’m taking that are pretty great. The two that I’m most excited about are my Honors 101 class and my Spanish 102 class. I’m surrounded by people who think like me and are into the same thing I’m into. I love the atmosphere of the campus and how I don’t need to be a crazy partier to have fun at night. Augie provides so much that it does not matter. I’m even trying things I would have never thought I would be doing, like Gospel Choir.

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