A window inside life at Augustana College

Moving In, Moving On

The day that I thought would never arrive is finally here! (Well, it arrived last Thursday)

I woke up at 5am to make my journey to Augustana. As the windshield was being pounded with rain and the sky turned the color of midnight, I prayed that this wasn’t some omen telling me to turn around and go home. We made the two hour journey safely and began to unload the cars. (Yes, it took two cars to haul all of my stuff here. Don’t judge.) My room seemed smaller than I remembered at first, but it has quickly begun to feel plenty spacious and a lot like home.

Orientation weekend was a blur of activities, names I don’t remember, and stairs! From the Keynote Speaker to the Hypnotist and from Austin Renfroe to Plastic Musik, there was nothing short of an abundance of activities to pick and choose from.  I met some great new friends during my first four days at Augie.

Being on my own for the first time ever was definitely an interesting experience. I’m still not sure how I feel about not having someone to tell me to make my bed or to clean my room. I’m finding out that I am definietly as responsible as I thought I was, if not more. (I’m going to bed …early!)

But, like all good things, the Orientation Weekend had to end and the first week of classes began. Making it to class and not getting lost were the two things on just about everyone that I knew’s mind. I was fortunate that I knew my way around well enough that I didn’t get lost or show up late. I can tell already that I am going to really like my professors. (Although it will be odd addressing them all as “Doctor so-and-so.)  The newest experience for me was the actually having to study thing. It will take some getting used to, but I’m sure the swing of things will hit me soon enough.

As my first week at Augie comes to a close, I am forced to look at just how fortunate I am. I am going to one of the best schools in the state, I have a roommate that I adore, my classes are challenging, but not over-bearing, and I get to walk past the beautiful Slough every single day. The coffee shop serves Starbucks (a personal favorite of mine) and the trees remind me of home. Everyone here is so friendly and we have black squirells! (Apparently brown ones are too generic 🙂 )

I do miss my family and my puppy quite a bit, but I couldn’t think of a single place that I’d rather be spending the next four years of my life making new friends, joining groups, and becoming a part of the Augustana family.

I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds. Go Augie!!

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