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WGN Radio Internship

I’ve finally gotten around to writing my blog about my summer internship. Maybe it’s because the longer I put it off, the longer I can deny that summer is really over? Probably.

For nine weeks, I had the opportunity to intern at WGN Radio in the Tribune Tower in Chicago. I interned for the news department and worked under anchors Steve Bertrand, Judy Pielach, Andrea Darlas, and Kim Gordon. It was an incredible experience learning from so many people who I have heard on the radio every single time I turn on WGN.

 Every day, I got to write news stories and gather and cut up audio. I also got to do man-on-the-street interviews and interview a few people over the phone. It’s really fantastic hearing the story you wrote and the audio you cut up, spoken by one of the anchors. A few times, they’d say what I had written verbatim. The rest of the time, they’d change what I wrote and made it sound and flow better.

I got to do a lot of really cool things at my internship. One thing I really enjoyed was getting to eat lunch on the 22nd floor of the Tribune Tower. The view is incredible and you can see for miles! I had a fantastic view of the Wrigley Building and the Trump Tower.

I also got to go out and attempt to interview singer Nick Jonas and football star Brett Favre. I also got to interview the newly crowned Miss Illinois at the Chicago Duck Derby. I wrote stories on Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee, the Chick-Fil-A Kiss-in’s, West Nile Virus, the Zimmerman and Drew Peterson cases. I also got to write about Cookie Monster’s ‘Share Me Maybe’ YouTube video, the Taste of Chicago and Lollapalooza.

The most exciting news day occurred when the Supreme Court handed down the decision on the Affordable Healthcare Act. We had to break it on-air when the TV stations gave the decision. I was actually watching CNN (who first broke the decision wrong) so it was interesting to see how news stations can become the news.

The coolest part of my internship was when I got to produce a piece for on-air about the IL Lottery Red Ribbon Cash (click the link to listen!). You can’t top being on one of Chicago’s top radio stations for about a minute. I had an incredible summer and I hope I can use the skills I learned at WGN Radio and apply it to WAUG. Make sure to tune in to WGN Radio online!

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  1. Sounds like an awesome experience! Thanks for sharing!

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