A window inside life at Augustana College

A Return to Augie

My first week of being a college sophomore is almost done (apart from three classes and Quidditch practice, because, you know, that’s how college works) and returning to campus and classes couldn’t have been more different from my arrival last year as a nervous little first-year.

As I was moving into my room I met so many of my friends who were either moving in or had moved in. And on Sunday evening, I was waiting in Erickson Lounge to meet someone, and I just kept seeing more and more people. And it continued for the next couple of days. In the C-Store, in the dining hall, walking down the slough path, I’d just see friends, greet them, and ask about their summers. I didn’t even realize that I knew so many people at Augie!

That really made me realize that college is what you make of it. You can choose to just go to class and sit in your room. But don’t! Go out, join clubs or sports or whatever. Even just go to events, and you’ll meet like-minded people. Seriously, if there’s a Quidditch team (of which I am a proud member) and a Coloring Club on campus, I’m sure everyone can find some organization they’d like to join.

I chose to be involved, which was hard in more ways than one. I’m naturally pretty shy, but I decided I was going to go out and find like-minded people. And I did. I was worried about grades and juggling everything, as I’m sure many first-years are and continue to be. Sometimes, I had to stay up later than I wanted because I’d been at Quidditch practice for an hour and a half. Sometimes, I had to do homework for a few hours and then go to a rehearsal at 10:00 pm and then come back and do more homework. But those late nights, those sleep-deprived days were worth it because I made friends.

Do you think you’ll over-commit? Maybe. But if you think going to that one extra club is tipping your stress levels over the edge, talk to your club members. They’re students too, they’ll understand if you have to stop going.

You can make your college experience whatever you want it to be, because college really is a place to start fresh.

Choose wisely, but ultimately, choose what’s right for you.


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