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Welcome to Augie!

So welcome week has come to an end, activity after activity. Each has been so much fun! Well except the hour speech about ITS on Monday… I knew almost all of what she had told us, plus it can all be found online… Then I was stepped on by guys when they pushed their way through the line to “check out”. So much has happened and I can’t believe it! We are actually at Augie for the rest of the year. We made it through week 1! I also know some didn’t make it through, but they will find the right place for them.

Holly, my roommate, and I have been hanging with our neighbors Kayla (AKA Colorado) and Yamari, plus Caitlin from down the hall! We have been having such a blast doing all the activities together, and just laughing the days away. We’ve gone out shopping at Target and Walgreens, we have been exploring campus, driving down sketchy streets with no street lights, watching movies in the Andreen basement, playing cards, talking about snickers (: , and actually doing our homework! Who would have thought. Haha. College students actually do their homework!

Holly and I also went to the football scrimmage, and as a former football manager, I noticed that guys actually put their water bottles back in the carrier! Who would have known! At York, the guys barely ever put the water bottles back! It took until the end of the season for some of them to start putting them back in without being told… But only some! *Hint hint* College guys know what to do! What happens over the summer from Senior year to college that makes them change? I would really like to know!

The first day of classes went by pretty fast, I started with LSFY and found out my teacher was a philosophy teacher, meaning we would be working a lot with Plato and logic and other philosophic items. Our class was held in the planetarium, which was pretty cool, although I could not find my classroom at first! Then I had to find my way to the Carriage house for Social Dance, which was very interesting to find. My teacher is super nice, and I think I will learn a lot from this class dance wise. I found it odd that my siblings back home also started classes on the 20th, normally I think of college students starting first.

Tuesday I had my second set of classes and found out History may be the death of me! My acting class is also that day, which seems like it is going to be great! That night the 5 of us went to go see Jamie Lono from The Voice and we were able to meet him after he performed and got pictures and autographs! It was an exciting night, but very very buggy!

Holly, Jamie Lono, Me, and Yamari 🙂

Throughout the rest of the week we almost died multiple times with Caitlin driving, saw part of What to Expect When You’re Expecting which was not a good movie in my opinion, had a movie night with Lauren, Victoria, and Josie, and volunteered for concessions at the local Rock Island High School. Their team name is the Rock Island Rocks. I feel bad that they don’t have something cool, like the York Dukes. (; I was also given grief about the volunteer opportunity since we found the area around it a little sketchy, but it ended up being a good night anyways! Caitlin ate popcorn while working, Holly and Kayla did Nachos, and I got sandwiches and asked people their orders. After that we went to Whitey’s, which was very refreshing after being in the hot concession stands!

Good luck to everyone entering Week 2!



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  1. My alma mater is Rock Island High School! And yes, we are the rocks…at least we can crush people? 🙂 Glad you had fun working the concessions!

  2. Awesome way of thinking about it Jennifer! 🙂 We had a blast!

  3. Plus, I don’t know if I mentioned it, but their stadium and field were way better than the high schools that the four of us went to. We were very surprised! (:

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