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Starting the Year Off Right

As a freshman, I have been feeling overwhelmed. All the new classes and clubs and activities are almost to much to handle. Sometimes I think oh maybe I shouldn’t have taken such a hard course load or not signed up for that club or that sport, but in the end I know that it will be worth it. Why? Because I will make new friends. Some of you may still be friends with your same clique or posse from high school, but I dropped mine the second I moved into my dorm. College is about finding out who you are, and you cannot change for the better if you are stuck in the past. Now I am not saying to just drop all of your friends, just the ones that are filled with drama and bad influences. You will find more mature, easy-going, and drama free friends here!
So start your year off right and join something fun. You don’t have to go completely balls to the wall like I did, but if you want to then DO IT. Don’t be afraid and always stay true to you.

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