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The time has come

Hey everyone!

Boy, has it been such a long week since I moved in last Tuesday! Attending MCO, then met my AWESOME roommate Holly, and attended a bunch of activities with my peer mentor group which was nice. But I can not get over the fact that Michael Miller kept calling everyone and everything sexy… I am sorry, but am I the only one who found that odd? That first day was full of excitement and sorrow, I found it hard to leave my family at first, but that soon was the last thing on my mind as I was meeting so many different people. That night my roommate and I went to go see the Hypnotist and Rob Paravonian, who were amazing! I give props to the volunteers who were up on stage for the hypnotist! They get an A+ in my book! Everyone should check out Rob Paravonian at robprocks.com if you are interested in comedians! He mixes music and comedy, and it was a great start to my Augie career. (:

Day 2 of orientation started off with the OSA activity fair, where I was literally bombarded by information about almost every single club at Augustana. Boy that sure was information overload! They even had the Viking Pups training dogs there, who were so adorable! I couldn’t wait to sign up for their club. If someone were to ask me what clubs I signed up for I probably wouldn’t be able to tell you half of them… I visited so many of  them! After the meeting I got to meet Mrs. Aumueller, who is my first year advisor and also a CSD teacher! YAY! I may not have to switch my advisor since I will be majoring in CSD. (: At the end of the night was the Riverboat cruise, which was what I was least looking forward to of the day –

Holly and my door decorated (:

I got seasick last year at prom when we went on the Odyssey for Prom so I was imagining the same thing happening that night). I ended up really enjoying it, I met a bunch of people, heard a comedian, saw some chairs go overboard, and then end the night on the balcony looking out onto the Mississippi River. I did not get sick which I was so happy about!

Day 3 went by really slow with the Sex Signals and Academic Integrity presentations we had to go to, but the small portion of the Austin Renfroe Trio was so amazing! I loved when he did the Disney songs, my favorite Disney movie is Aladdin and he sung A Whole New World. AMAZING. I even bought one of his songs on iTunes. (: After that Holly and I went to an ESA “party” and played never have I ever, apples to apples, and just talked about what they do. After that night we are thinking of Pledging with them, since they are service based and not party based! All the actives there were super nice, and really friendly. 

As always, 

Katie (: 

P.S. – Augie Pride (:

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  1. Katie, this is fabulous. I’m thrilled that you’re having such a good time and delighted that I can share in what you are doing. Hurrah for blogs!

  2. Katie
    I’m very happy you are checking everything out. Sounds like Augustana was a Great choice. We all are always thinking about how you are doing so this blog is fun for us.
    I might not need the spies I planted on campus! We’ll see.

    Love you


  3. Katie,
    This is AWESOME!! I’m so glad I got to read this! Is this a Freshman thing at Augie or just if you want to, or everyone? This is so cool! It sounds like you are having a blast at college and I’m so glad!!

    Good luck!

    Love you.

    -Kristina Davila

  4. Anyone can do it as long as they sign up, I signed up before my summer orientation and we had a bloggers orientation then. And now here I am blogging! 🙂

    Thanks for all the encouraging comments!


  5. Alladin was the best disney movie indeed, got “something” that ill never come out of minds

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