A window inside life at Augustana College


WOW!!! What a couple of days its been.  First off we just went through First Year Orientation and boy was that a lot to take in, but there was also some fun and funny times.  Lets start off with the fun which was the boat cruise on the Mississippi River.  This was also a funny time because of the comedian they had on board this year.  I think the best part was his closing act which was a bunch of songs that could be used in different ways this piece had everyone rolling on the floor.  Then there was was this Sex Talks thing which I personally thought was gonna be really awkward but the improv duo that did was actually pretty funny but they got the message across really well so it was a learning experience.  There was also Rob Paravoni famous for his Pachebel’s rant. If you haven’t seen it you must so here’s a link or you can find it on YouTube.   http://robprocks.com/?p=16  That is also his official website.  Then class started this week hence the title, because coming from a home school/reeeeeaaaaallly small private school this is a huge change!  But I’m surviving.  Oh! More fun stuff Monday night there was capture the flag on lower quad I must say I wasn’t going to play but I did and it was soooo fun!  I also won a nice blue Augie stainless steel water bottle so that’s a plus.  There was also a Jamie Lono concert on the CC patio which was pretty. I also went to Martini Swingers a dance club here on campus it was a blast.  Everyone should go, although what they really need is more guys dancers so if you’re a guy come on over to the Dance Studio (across from Westie next to Pepsico) sunday night at 7pm they’d love to have you.  And it’s actually a whole lot more fun than it sounds like so come check it out! Well that’s all for now maybe more later in the week. Ta ta

PS Sorry for kind of jumping all over the place I was just typing as I remembered stuff.

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