A window inside life at Augustana College

The Joys of Campus Life

Alright, so I haven’t blogged in forever. There has been wayyy too much going on and all of you first years out there know what I’m talking about. I’ve been on Augustana Campus by myself for 4 days and it is already flying by. I won’t lie though; I miss my mom very much! The first day of orientation was super hard for me because that was the day I officially left. But I will say that being independent is really awesome.

On the other hand this whole fall connection thing has kept me extremely busy, but I’m so thankful that they had us participate in all those activities. I mean yeah, I’m already an outgoing person that will pretty much talk to anyone, but this just helped me meet multiple people at the same time. I loved how they split  us into groups, because I’m certain that I will stay in touch with most of the people in my peer advising group.The only bad thing I have to say about the fall connection activities, (which happened to be my own fault), is that I wish I would have wore something other than flip flops the whole time. My feet, ankles, lower shins and lower back hurt worse than after my old high school volleyball two-a-days! It’s ridiculous!

That being said, I can also comment on the so-called Freshman Fifteen. When you attend Augustana, the Freshman Fifteen doesn’t exist. I promise you that. The hills of the slough and the Olin stairs are enough to make someone who is IN SHAPE huff and puff for a few minutes afterwards. But that’s alright; I still wouldn’t choose anywhere else to go to school. I’m so happy I chose the right college. Augustana’s campus might be extremely hilly and it might suck when it rains or snows but the people I’ve met so far have been so warm and welcoming and I know that the rest of this year will truly be the best four years of my life. Thank you to those of you who have made my first transition by myself so amazing and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings.

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