A window inside life at Augustana College

Wait…wait…ALMOST THERE!!

So I found out my dorm last week. I’m not gonna say that I wanted to live in Andreen, but I’m still excited no matter what dorm I live in. It is no joke when people say that college is expensive. There is so much that goes into just stepping on to campus on the first day. Since my Mom was laid off in 2009, she had been looking for a job for three years before one was offered to her in early May. This meant that she wasn’t able to save money for me and my sister to go to college. This year me and my sister will both be leaving the house (she commuted to Columbia College last year) to live on campus, and I know its hard on the whole family. Sending one kids off to college is hard, but sending two is very difficult. We just have to keep encouraging each other that everything will work out, because so far it has. I’m just excited to be able to go to college and live away from home. The hardest part however is missing my family including my dog Angelina. I know that this is for the best and will open SO MANY opportunities for me.  Just getting the little stuff (sheets, lamps, notebooks) is exciting. COLLEGE HERE I COME!!

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