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Summer Vacation

Alright, so I know everyone’s excited for the new school year and it IS pretty exciting but last week I was able to free my mind of the stresses that come with it. And what’s the best way to do that? By soaking up the sweet summer sun down in the Florida Keys, of course! That’s right, I got to spend a full week sitting on white sandy beaches and swimming in crystal clear blue waters. Florida was wonderful! My family and I got to sit by the beach, swim in the ocean, snorkel, swim with the dolphins, jet ski, see the coral reefs on a glass bottom boat ride, kayak, and we visited the original Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville. Sadly, there was way too much to do in just one week so we didn’t get to do everything.

As I said before, the beaches were soft and white and shells were everywhere! I now have my own shells from every beach we visited, which included the beach at the southern most point of the United States and a sand bar in the Atlantic Ocean that continues all the way to Miami, Florida. Also, I found and preserved the shell of a baby horse-shoe crab!

 The jet ski trip that we went on was quite exciting for me. Both my mom and I rode on one together and while I had a blast, I don’t think she liked the ride as much as I did. Either way, we got to tour the entire island of Key West.

 Anyway, if anyone is looking for summer vacation ideas, I seriously encourage you to look into the Florida Keys. They are all within driving distance of each other so you will have many opportunities to explore the whole region and learn so much about the islands, their history, and the amazing marine life.

Here are some tips if anyone goes to Florida…

  • Make sure to visit the original Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, especially if you are one of his fans.
  • Definitely go on many snorkeling trips. We bought our own snorkeling masks, breathers and water shoes, as well as underwater cameras but many places provide the equipment needed; snorkeling was the most fun for me and I will always remember it. 
  • Lastly, you MUST go to the sunset celebration at the Lorelei restaurant in Islamorada; they have great food and a beautiful setting along the coast in the Gulf. 

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